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Awards & Scholarships

Academic Scholarship

Graduating Senior

These scholarships are given to local high school graduating students who exhibit not only academic excellence, but just as importantly, community volunteerism, leadership qualities, and a clear sense of direction.

Ruby Award

Women Improving the Lives of Women and Girls

The Ruby Award honors women who, through their professional or personal activities, make extraordinary efforts on behalf of women and girls.  Women can nominate themselves or be nominated by someone else in the community. Soroptimist International of Fort Bragg is proud to continue to make this award available to women in our community.

*Nomination Form due before December 15.*

Sharon Handelin Edwards Scholarship

Graduating Female Senior Majoring in Business

This scholarship is given to a local high school graduating student who is going into business.

Violet Richardson Award

Honoring Young Women for Volunteer Action

This award recognizes and honors young women between the ages of 14 and 18 who make the community and world a better place through volunteer efforts such as fighting drugs; crime and violence; cleaning up the environment; and working to end discrimination and poverty.

Information & Nomination Form

Due  November 15, 2016

Must be between the ages of 14 - 18

Women’s Opportunity Award (WOA)

These scholarships are for women, heads of household, who are reentering school to advance their present position or to complete their education.

Continuing Education Scholarship

These scholarships are given to past recipients of SIFB’s Academic Scholarship who are continuing their academic pursuits’ and have maintained their high standard of achievement.

Founder Region Fellowship

Founder Region Fellowship is the identifying project of Founder Region.  The mission is to advance the status of women.  Since 1948, Fellowship has provided fellowships to women in the final phase of their doctoral degrees.  Fellowships totaling a minimum of $20,000 are awarded each year to graduate students within the boundaries of the region.  During the first 60 years of the program over $700,000 was awarded to over 250 deserving women.  Through these awards Founder Region Soroptimists acknowledge the value of students' research work and enable them to complete the academic credential necessary for their careers.  This year marks the 60th anniversary of Founder Region Fellowship and the goal is to award $60,000 at our Region Conference in May.


A club or individual can become a Fellow by the contribution of $1,000 to Founder Region Fellowship during a biennium, by purchasing tickets to the Fellowship raffles at District Meeting or Region Conference or through an award from their club.


Our club contributes $500 each year and awards a Fellow to a member who has made a significant contribution to our club every other year.  This is the year and the Board would like input from club members as to who the awardees should be.  We have received a couple of names already of women who have worked hard on our fundraisers or who have contributed financially to our club.  If you have a nominee for this award please let me know and I will bring it to the board and the awards committee for consideration.  Many members of our club are already have their Fellow, but that should not bar them from consideration of this award since some have won them in raffles or purchased them on their own.  This is a way our club honors the work a member has done. 


from Jeanne Kinney



Making a Difference for Women

Lucresha Renteria

Sharon Handelin Edwards Scholarship

Laine Riley

Academic Scholarship

David Yanez

Cynthia Cuevas

Continuing Education  Scholarship

Richard Caccamo

Alisha Wimberly

Women's Opportunity Award

Heather Chappell

Monica Dompeling

Annette Price

Youth Citizenship Award

Kayla Dilbeck

David Yanez

Youth Service Award

Richard Pacileo

Violet Richardson Award

Susana Macias

Diva Gallo

Mallory Melcher


Women's Opportunity Award

Jennifer Woldt-Aslesen  Fort Bragg

Albion Winter  Noyo Sunrise

Laura Smith  Mendocinio


Violet Richardson Award

Savannah Whaley   Fort Bragg

Jordain Brown   Noyo Sunrise


Ruby Award:   

Pamela Patterson, Fort Bragg      Nancy Severy  Fort Bragg     

Laura Welter   Noyo Sunrise

Sharon Handelin Edwards

Business Scholarship:

Amber Ramirez

Carol Millsap

State Farm Scholarship:

Tiffany Contreras

Academic Scholarships:  

Savannah Whaley

Hector Toseano

Continuing Education Award:

Mauro Serrano

Youth Music and Art Award:

Addie Leonhardt

Betty Humphrey Music Award:

Caitlyn Windsor



Women’s Opportunity Award

Jennifer Korhummel

Violet Richardson Award

Anna Leach

Ruby  Award

Shirlee Paoli

Youth Citizenship

Jacqueline  Ayala

Elijio Arreguin

Sharon Handelin Edwards


Sarah Bishop

Academic Scholarship

James Nguyen, Sarah Hall

Music: Chaley S. Heldstab

Art: Amy E. Heckroth,

Jazmine J. Atherton-Walsh



Women’s Opportunity Award

Juliana Sanchez, Fort Bragg

Dawn Irven, Mendocino

Yvonne Green  Noyo Sunrise

Ruby  Award

Rita Martinez

Karen Slater

Cheryl Dupre

Youth Citizenship

Jacqueline  Ayala

Elijio Arreguin

Sharon Handelin Edwards Scholarship

Yadira Sanchez

Continuing Education Scholarship

Oleg Ryabokorovka

Academic Scholarship

Mayra Hernandez

Elizabeth Palomar

Music: Carla Spaans

Art: Gaona Andrea.



SIFB Fellowship Award

Vicky Watts

Making a Difference for Women

Barbara Durigan

Barbara Steckter

Sharon Handelin Edwards Scholarship

Karli Kafer

Academic Scholarship

Alicia Harney

Continuing Education  Scholarship

Mimi Villalpando

Women's Opportunity Award

Erika Lea Lund

Dawn M. Whyburn

Crystal Leatherwood

Youth Service Award

Ariana Canul

Youth Citizenship Award

Karina Becerra

Youth Music Award

Kiara Ramirez - Albion

Maya Patricia Neumeier

    Mendocino Elementary

Youth Art Award

Andrea M. Crawford

    FB Middle School

Jessica Liliana Portillo

    Dana Gray Elementary

Violet Richardson Award

Alisha Larson

Elizabeth Tamayo

Nancy Hurtado


Women's Opportunity Award

Katherine Knight, Delores McBroom, Tammy Redman,

Crystal Rowley, Verna Woods, Corrina Bouldin

Youth Citizenship Award

SIFB.............Charles “Luke” Lintott and Myrian Villalpando,


Youth Service Award

SINS.........Andrea Gloria Blanton


Violet Richardson Award (Honoring Young Women for Volunteer Action)

Angelita Cruz, Rosie Muto, Rosie Winslow, Sara Stanton

Making a Difference for Women

Joan Stanford, Marcia Williams


Academic Scholarship (Graduating Senior)

SIFB.........Charles “Luke” Lintott, Gustave Walzer, Elida Cristal  Munoz.


Sharon Handlen Edwards Scholarship (Graduating Senior majoring in Business)

SIFB............Myrian Villallpando

Scholarship Winners see below

Live Your Dream

Education & Training Awards for Women

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